Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Naya Reborn

Naya has always been a great tasting water. Very clean, very pure with an almost Evian-like smoothness that is rarely found in a North American spring. In the late 90s they spent big on a new manufacturing facility, but lost their Coke distribution - resulting in a swift decline into financial hell.

Now, as bottled water has been hit with the challenges of filters on fawcets, ecological concerns, private label gains and declining growth, Naya is poised to return to the market by using a recycled PET package and focusing on the gay market to rebirth the brand.

Any water proposition faces multiple challenges: Its low margin, highly commoditized and there is a low cost producer (Nestle) that has massive resources. It will be interesting to see if more ecological packaging and a niche marketing campaign will be enough to create a successful venture.

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