Wednesday, February 24, 2010

CAGNY Presentations

GAGNY - the consumer analyst group of New York held its annual meeting in Florida, and the major CPG companies came before them to update them on their progress. I have uploaded the presentations that were made available on the various investor relations websites to my slideshare account.

The KO and PEP reviews focused on their non-USA businesses (Coke made a big presentation in November, Pepsi is in the middle of restructuring its US business). DPS, HSY and KFT re-iterated much of what they have said previously.

Perhaps the most interesting presentation is from French giant Danone. In other posts I have looked at their interest in functional food. Their presentation here is a breath of fresh air, really thinking about the future of food.

Anyway - if you are in the Food and Beverage business, it is all worth a look.
If you are not... I will call you later to wake you up.

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