Friday, August 5, 2011

Relaxation Foods and Beverages

Long distance travel is often a great opportunity for sleep. Long plane rides can only be improved by unconsciousness. So recently I had the opportunity to put a couple of "relaxation" products to the test on planes. While there are many items like Purple Stuff and Drank out there, I ended up with two products to compare at different times:

The first was I AM SLEEPY, from the I AM line - taste was tough, but the impact was great. Peaceful sleep from LAX to New York.

Second was Marley's Mellow Mood - Citrus version - and tasted like a pleasant Lemon Tea. Again, after a long couple of days of travelling the flight to Brussels passed rapidly, peacefully - and with plenty of zzz's.

So, the products work. Is there an opportunity?

While the Marley idea is very cool, I would be concerned that it is not a refreshment beverage idea. The shot is more convenient, and delivers a functionality in a fun way. I would be concerned that the only relaxation times are in the evening - when the competitive set is alcohol.

Then there are Lazy Larry's melatonin brownies... These "Amsterdam-inspired" relax with a brownie concept is edgy and cool. But may be at the edge of what is OK.

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