Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Battle Of The Snowflakes

Take a walk down the soda aisle at your local supermarket and you will notice that its seasonal packaging time on your favorite 2 Liter bottles and 12 pack wraps.

Starting at Thanksgiving, soft drink marketers struggle to create some relevance for when their products because they are out of season. They have to find a way to remain relevant to the holidays, but not make the product look out of date on December 26th.

The answer has become the winter scene on the label... And this year both Cadbury and Coke have decided to use the snowflake.

While this transition to seasonal packaging looks simple to the retailer and consumer, there is a whole industry of design studios, packaging managers, creative services managers, label printers, brand managers, bottling production managers who have to work together to make it all happen.

This is a lot of work, and since 80% of soft drinks are sold on deal (irrespective of label design)... you have to wonder whether there isn't a better way to use these resources...

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