Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Neutrogena... Energy???

We have become used to all kinds of foods becoming "energy" through added caffeine, B Vitamins or other stimulant like ginseng or guarana. But the latest use of energy has me somewhat stumped.

The beautiful Jennifer Garner appeared on my TV last night (from jumpcut.com - the video needs to be manually started) to tell me about Neutrogena Energy night creams.

I applaud the idea of a new energy delivery system but I think that the folks at Neutrogena are missing the reason why "energy" is successful - it provides the user with a tangible functional, noticable benefit. This product has no "buzz" involved.

Apparently the active ingredient is L Carnitine, an amino acid usually associated with fat metabolization in the health food community. Its not an active "pick me up".

Moreover the idea of "Energy + Night Cream" seems like a mismatch. Surely you would use an energy product in the daytime.

Just say'n...

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