Thursday, March 26, 2009

Colonel Sanders + Pot Holes = Marketing Gold

The Colonel fills another pot hole in Louisville...

KFC has come up with a great way to make a difference in their local community; by sponsoring pot hole repairs, then stenciling a brand message on top (a message that will wash away with the rain).

Its a brilliant move - it helps their community with a service that benefits just about everyone. And turns a mundane inconvenience into a significant way to boost consumer goodwill.

My hope is that the road crews have their own colonel dressed up and working on the team. (Note that in the photo above, the colonel has been in charge of the stenciling - see the white chalk on his right boot.) That would really "commit to the bit" and push the envelope. Making pot hole repair event marketing. And imagine the merchanidisng opportunity on the traffic report - the KFC pot hole filling becomes an event!

I just hope other brands take the lead of KFC. Imagine a world where Ronald McDonald and the Hamburgler are sweeping streets, Mr Clean is scrubbing public restrooms, or Snuggle is helping people fold their smalls at laundrettes... Brilliant!

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