Friday, March 27, 2009

Tea is Now Bad For You... Or Not

Having worked for over a decade for Snapple as the benefits of tea as a potent source of anti-oxidants that may fight cancer and slow the aging process became broadly known (not that we could ever legally make those claims), it is with interest that I came across this story on tea from the BBC.

Apparently consuming hot tea (above 70 Centigrade - really hot) can increase the likelihood of throat cancer according to a study in Iran. But - read deeper in the article and you discover that these scientists believe that it is really the chugging of very hot drinks that distresses the lining of the throat, and increases the chance of carcinoma.

So... this is more about drinking scalding beverages rather than tea being bad for you, and begs the question whether the sensational headline about tea has any real relevance to the story.

But I guess this makes Iced Tea a more attractive option (cue cheering from Lipton, Snapple, AriZona, Nestea, Sweet Leaf, New Leaf etc etc).

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