Wednesday, November 4, 2009

An Unexpected Protein Use

Did not see this coming...

Well, I have been anticipating greater proliferation of protein enhanced beverages - but this one has me doing a double-take.

Devotion is a Protein-enhanced Vodka. Yes, its a vodka for the fitness fan. The fan that avoids carbs, and wants to keep their protein levels high whether its from Muscle Milk in the morning or from Devotion vodka at the club at night. I guess those pumping iron are not looking to get drunk at the same time.

Vodka is very crowded category, but very profitable. I will be looking forward to tasting the product... protein as an ingredient is a challenge at the best of times, be interesting to see how the challenge is handled in alcohol.

Personally, I am interested and open to it... but whether it can be mainstream enough to get the scale it needs... Well - time will tell.

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