Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Semantics of Milk...

The protein world is getting litigious. First Cytosport (make of Muscle Milk) has sued VPX over the trade dress of their Muscle Power product, and now Nestle has decided to go after Muscle Milk over "Milk" because its not actually Milk... its a high protein, artificially-created shake.

So, we run to the dictionary for a definition, and we find:

Milk –noun opaque white or bluish-white liquid secreted by the mammary glands of female mammals, serving for the nourishment of their young.
2.this liquid as secreted by cows, goats, or certain other animals and used by humans for food or as a source of butter, cheeses, yogurt, etc.
3.any liquid resembling this, as the liquid within a coconut, the juice or sap of certain plants, or various pharmaceutical preparations.

I guess we will be seeing the "pharmaceutical preparation" defense...

But those lawyer bills... ouch!

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