Friday, June 12, 2009

Social Media and Convenience Stores

Become a fan now for a Free Iced Coffee!

A recent project has had me thinking about how to reach C Store visitors. Since their shopper is normally young and male - social media seemed to be appropriate. What did I find? Well, the normal use of the corporate website was to sell franchises, and there was little interaction sought or built by these corporations with their consumers.

Well, it appears that a number of these chains have started to open their minds to these possibilities. For example Quick Chek (a NJ chain) will give a free iced coffee to all their Facebook friends - if they get to 1,500 friends.

Other stores are also getting active, according to this article in C Store news - including Kum and Go, and Sheetz.

Frankly, its an easy fit, and a small investment that could have a big payback for these retailers.

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