Friday, May 29, 2009

This Modern Life...

Not What Charlie expected.

Todays sensationalized over-reaction comes courtesy of the National Sleep Foundation, claiming that "many teens get 3 to 5 hours of sleep" per night - and this is caused by electronics and caffeine.

Within the story, they say that their sample averages 4 electronics items per bedroom (ipod, computer, TV and phone), and that they average 100mgs of caffeine a day required for them to stay up late - and not get the 8+ hours of sleep the NSF recommends.

It does seem to me that they are going after the wrong stuff. Surely it is the demands (and opportunities) of modern life that are the challenge. Combine schoolwork, after school activities and an active social life - and you squeeze the time resources available. Who could fault a teen for not wanting all of those outlets.

Back at Cadbury, we called this a "fully loaded life". The challenge is more about compressing those opportunities rather than holding the enablers responsible?

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