Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The "Whys and Wherefors" of Sugar vs HFCS

There is a substantial interest in traditional sugar-sweetened soft drinks Vs their current HFCS sweetened descendants, driven by Pepsi Throwback.

In some quarters the switch is regarded as a move back to a healthier product... with HFCS being an evil sweetener. This article from Agweek challenges the notion, with a nice analysis on the realities of HFCS vs Sugar as an ingredient.

To my mind the only real difference is in taste. Sugar (or medium invert as it often gets called), just tastes better - more pleasant mouth feel, less coating, and it helps fruit flavors blend. The products I have had the chance to work on always benefited from the intense and rounded sweet taste that real sugar provides.

So enjoy the real sugar alternatives while they are around. And use them as mixers for alcohol (a really good application)... But don't kid yourself that they are better for you.

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